351. to 400.

351. Saturday Matinee

352. How To Eat

353. Cats That Look Like Referees

354. MrsDavy’s Guide To RWC2015 #4.a

355. MrsDavy’s Guide To RWC2015 #4.b

356. Cats That Look Like All Black Coaches

357. MrsDavy’s Guide To RWC2015 #4.c

358. MrsDavy’s Guide To RWC2015 #4.d

359. Saturday Matinee

360. How To Eat

361. A Tale Of Two Matches

362. The Dog That Didn’t Bark

363. MrsDavy’s Guide To RWC2015 #5

364. Walking With LittleDavyOne

365. The Rule of Law

366. A Pinch and A Punch

367. Saturday Matinee

368. How To Eat

369. MrsDavy’s Guide To The Rugby World Cup 2015 #6

370. The Extending Family

371. Shag’s Musical Diary

372. Judge Ned

373. Age and Experience

374. A Weekend of Chess

375. Saturday Matinee

376. How To Eat

377. Panic Now

378. Order of The Black Heart Organisational Matrix Review

379. One Hundred and Forty-One

380. MrsDavy Kicks It In The Guts

381. Shag’s Musical Diary

382. Ned’s Game Plan

383. Saturday Matinee

384. How To Eat

385. Weekend Rugby Wrap

386. MrsDavy’s Guide to the Rugby World Cup 2015 #7

387. The Food Bastards

388. Shag’s Musical Diary

389. Oldriška the Refugee Goes To London

390. The Wallabies Squad For RWC2015

391. Saturday Matinee

392. How To Eat

393. Ned’s Squad For RWC2015

394. Four More Years

395. Ned Writes To His Adoring Fans

396. Bugger. The Food Bastards Are Winning

397. Still Considering That Divorce

398. The England Squad For RWC2015

399. Saturday Matinee

400. How To Eat



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