MrsDavy’s Guide to RWC2015


In which Ned risks life and limb by suggesting that MrsDavy might have a slight imperfection (in her knowledge of rugby), but never fear, help is at hand. The very very basics of previous World Cups: when, where and who won.


In which we discover how the 20 teams at RWC2015 got there, and how they were allocated via four pots into four pools (named, without any effort or imagination by the Evil Overlords, as A, B, C and D.)


In which we learn the characteristics of the four pools; Death, Puddle, Banana Skin and Wild Card. (Which are way better titles than A, B, C and D.)


In which we start a tour of the venues: Twickenham, Millennium, Kingsholm and Sandy Park. And learn some of the dark arts of securing home advantage.


In which we meander around the multipurpose stadia: Wembley Stadium, The Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


In which we get to the non-rugby venues of St James’ Park, Elland Road and Manchester Stadium.


In which we finish the venues tour with Leicester City Stadium, Villa Park, Stadium MK and Brighton Community Stadium.


In which Ned makes some uncomfortable assumptions about a possible All Blacks path through the knockout stages, and decides that it doesn’t actually matter.


In which Ned tries to persuade MrsDavy that rugby is a very intelligent game on the evidence of the advanced mathematics required to pick a squad of 31.


In which Ned exposes the shallow thinking behind the theory that you can fly in players quickly to cover only having two hookers or two halfbacks in your squad.


In which Ned reminds MrsDavy that in the Rugby World Cup, as in Bridge, the sequence of play is of immense importance.


In which Ned explains what happens if teams are tied for match points at the end of Pool play.


In which Ned explains the rules for breaking a draw in a knock-out match, including extra time, golden point and (God forbid) a kicking competition.


In which Ned promises MrsDavy tea and toast if she gets up to watch the Top 10 Must Watch Pool Matches with him.

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