413. Oh Grow Up

The Daily Mail apparently has an article about the partners of rugby players attending RWC2015 with the following gibberish banner:

A classical singer, a fitness guru and a former Miss Universe: Meet the glamorous rugby WAGS set to descend on the UK ahead of next week’s World Cup

I am not including a link to the fatuous, boorish, pathetic ‘article’ to save you the trouble of cleansing your browser history with hospital strength disinfectant.

The New Zealand Herald, in yet another step marking its decline from being a paper of record, saw fit to mention this piece of nonsense under the headline ”Just One All Black WAG on Rugby World Cup Glamour List‘, rather than ‘No Surprise: Crap Tabloid Makes Up More Shit Again‘.

The Rational Wiki website has a hilarious description of the Daily Mail, including these gems:

  • The Daily Mail (aka, Hate MailDaily FailDaily HeilDaily Moan and so on), is a reactionary tabloid rag masquerading as a “traditional values,” middle-class newspaper.
  • Although these days the Daily Mail is rabidly eurosceptic, this was not always its editorial stance. In fact, during the 1930s, the paper was a big fan of a united European superstate. However, due to a deterioration in Britain’s relationship with the Mail’s favourite European statesman, the paper was obliged to reverse its stance on the issue rather suddenly in late 1939.
  • Some theories have emerged that the Daily Mail merely writes the trash that it does in order to  provoke massive swarms of links and clicks to its website, thus milking its sponsors and advertisers for masses of cash.
  • The Mail gets many of its weather stories from two companies, the ironically-named Exacta Weather and the management speak-tastic Positive Weather Solutions; their forecasters appear to have wide-ranging skills, from Ukrainian brides to stock photo models and sporters of emo hair. Thus far, they appear not have attained visibility in the field of meteorology.

I am informed by Fat Fingers Friday that WAG is an acronym for ‘Wives And Girlfriends’, usually of sportsmen. It is apparently a standard trope of British tabloids, often featuring some suggestion, invented on the journalist’s keyboard, that the presence of partners is a distraction to the performance of the player. But really it’s a gross hypocrisy meant to sell more papers and website clicks by creating an opportunity to display images of women not wearing much.

It is grubby nonsense, and the New Zealand Herald should be ashamed of itself for foisting such undiluted garbage on its diminishing readership. But it won’t, because tabloids and shame are mutually exclusive ideas.

There are some very fine rugby writers still (just?) working for the New Zealand Herald, such as the estimable Wayne Gray. Their embarrassment must surely be exquisite.

About Ned Davy

By hokey, the big fella’s tipped into his 50s. A rangy loose forward in his prime, good with the ball in hand, but rarely up with the play any more.
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One Response to 413. Oh Grow Up

  1. Jon Norman says:

    Just be thankful you don’t have to be subjected to their bile every day.

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