287. An Apple A Day

Casa del Davy is an house.

A few years ago I made the mistake of counting up all the devices that we had bought from the “designed in California made in China” hipsters, and realised that we were solely responsible for keeping Steve Jobs in soy double-decaf chai cappuccinos extra foam with organic cinnamon. It’s a heavy responsibility.

Which is to say that I love the products because they work, but I’m also half suspicious of being trapped in Apple’s walled garden.  But I’m a consumer not a technophile.  I need things to work together straight out of the box, because if they don’t I’ll never get them to work.

So I was paying a bit of attention to the announcement about the Apple Watch this week.  Not that I’m going to buy one any time soon.  I’ll wait for the second or third generation when they will have ironed out the kinks and extended the battery life. But I just know I’m going to end up with one.

Which is odd because I don’t do watches.  For the last thirty years I have been strapping on a succession of very basic Casio watches that have a black resin casing, a white analog face, and do a very successful job at displaying the, you know, time. And they cost about $30, so when I inevitably break/lose/immerse them, no big deal.

Just recently MrsDavy gave me a proper watch for my birthday, on account of the very nice chardonnay provided by Emirates. After sufficient said chardonnay while browsing the in-flight magazine, she came across this beauty:



It’s a Sturmanski watch as worn by Yuri Gagarin during the first trip by a human into space in 1961. MrsDavy says that it’s the actual watch worn by Gagarin, which you’d have to admit is pretty damn cool. So when the duty-free trolley came down the aisle of our A380, she bought it for me.

I like it because it sits really comfortably on my wrist, has a big face so I can read the time, and it’s Yuri Gagarin’s actual watch. And it’s a gift from MrsDavy.  Tick, tick, tick, and tock.

But, as I say, I know that at some stage I’m going to end up with an Apple Watch on my wrist as well. Because it’s just going to be really useful.

I resisted getting an iPhone for years because I was snooty about the whole deal.  I had a mobile that could make and receive calls and texts, so why really did I need a smart phone?

Because, of course, it’s way more than a phone. It’s a whole bloody briefcase of things put into a ridiculously small package: phone, emails, calendar, camera, music player, map book, note taker. And then the apps began to make sense, especially the Air New Zealand app so that I don’t have to carry bits of paper to lose.

But when I leave the house or a meeting or get out of the car, I have to do the modern genuflection, patting my pockets for the three things that now control my entire life: phone, wallet, keys.

A smart watch will eventually replace all three, and it will be strapped to my wrist so I won’t have to put myself at risk of arrest for walking down the street patting myself in an unsavoury manner.

Like any new IT device, it will take time to develop to the compelling stage. But being Apple, they’re a long way along the track even with Version 1.0.

It sure looks like a better shot than the Fossil Wrist PDA of the early 2000s.


About Ned Davy

By hokey, the big fella’s tipped into his 50s. A rangy loose forward in his prime, good with the ball in hand, but rarely up with the play any more.
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One Response to 287. An Apple A Day

  1. 1977dpm says:

    I’m interested in this concept of a walled garden. In this garden all you get to choose to use is an apple. And when you do you are locked in. Sounds biblical….

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