219. Walking With MrsDavy





About Ned Davy

By hokey, the big fella’s tipped into his 50s. A rangy loose forward in his prime, good with the ball in hand, but rarely up with the play any more.
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One Response to 219. Walking With MrsDavy

  1. Sheep says:

    Dear Ned, ( and due respect and greetings to Mrs Davy, and Little Davy one and two)

    Firstly seasons greetings.

    I hear that there is a story circulating that in the North of Italy, a land so far from the centre of rugby reality and power, That a son is born to us, in a (stab-ium) where the people are so poor that the ball is round, and they are so disabled that they can only use their feet, and occasionally their head.

    The prophecy is that out of Venezia there will come a fly half who can ‘walk on water’ and who will be able to hold his wine like no other. it is told that the great prophet who foretold and found him, was a wandering Ned from a far distant land in the East. He came with an old lady and two young ones and he left all his gold, and the frankincense was transformed into expensive lotions by Milanese entrepreneurs but that the myrrh soothed the troubled brow of his bankers.

    When Ned saw the promised one he introduced him to the people of Benetton Rugby Treviso, but they would not recognize him, and so he took him into exile to St Pats Town, and he played for the great and mighty (MSP) Poneke pies; and some thought he was the illegitimate son of Sir Giovanni Kirwin of Auckland, but he was in fact the adopted son of the most high ( a wash wouldn’t go astray) Ned, one who will save the men in black at the 2023 Coppa Mondiale.

    Well as you can see all is well, and we are all missing Ned being in the land of storms and winds, but horribly jealous of such an adventure. Unfortunately many families here in the deep south have heard of the adventures of Ned and Mrs Ned and LD1&2 and ask “why cant we go to exotic places like Balclutha or Woolongong for Christmas, like the Davy?? ( Thank God none of them have studied geography and all think that Venice is a Beach somewhere near the Gold Coast)

    Make sure you walk past Harry’s Bar for the Godson’s mother, take a photo, and for the Sheep a prayer at St Marcos.

    Have a wonderful Christmas

    Father of the future AB

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