Shhh! Just between you and me, Ned’s on a secret mission to the northern hemisphere. I’m not saying that Shag is involved, but let’s just say that it involves secret caches of Maketu Pies behind enemy lines. To cover my undercover moments, I’ve selected a few choice moments from the Road To Redemption.

Originally published 9 July 2010

Although it is unlikely to rival rugby for a global television audience, I can claim to have invented a game.

Well, co-invented.  With LittleDavyOne, then aged 18 months.

The scene was Little Kaiteriteri, where we were staying in a motel for a week with MrsDavy’s parents.

We had returned, slowly, from one of our excursions down to the beach, and MrsDavy and others had gone ahead.

The road had just been re-sealed, and the loose stones piling up in the gutter were too much of a temptation for a tactile toddler such as LittleDavyOne.  So we sat down on the sidewalk, which just happened to be next to a stormwater grate.  And as LittleDavyOne scrabbled with the gravel, I casually pushed some stones into the grate, where they fell with a very satisfying ‘Plop!’ into the water below.

Well that got her attention, and now she wanted to push her whole pile into the grate.  I could see myself being arrested for criminal damage – for stealing the stones, or filling up expensive drainage, or similar – so I convinced her that the better part was to carefully select a single stone and drop it carefully and listen intently for the quality of the plop: round and deep, or sharp and brittle, echoing or blunt.

We played this way for another half-hour, and hours more on subsequent days. 

It’s a game that LittleDavyOne and LittleDavyTwo and I have played happily on streets and wharfs and river banks and boats and bridges and fountains ever since, all around the world.

And the wisdom and beauty and generosity of MrsDavy is that she doesn’t play, but watches and smiles.

About Ned Davy

By hokey, the big fella’s tipped into his 50s. A rangy loose forward in his prime, good with the ball in hand, but rarely up with the play any more.
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2 Responses to Plop!

  1. Chris Jones says:

    Ned displays an admirable, touching and romantic graciousness towards Mrs Davy, such as would normally only be seen in one who was pursuing some sort of long range strategy to get a pass to some sort of extended sporting fixture, perhaps overseas. So refreshing….

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