195. How To Eat

regular spot to share some ideas about what’s good and what’s not on the interwebthingy. But, you know, it’s your life, so feel free to agree, disagree or ignore what follows.

 What caught my attention last week

The Advent of Black Friday

Black Friday is an American commercial tradition: the day after Thanksgiving, which has come to mark the opening of the Christmas selling season.  Shops offer ridiculous discounts, and consumers pile in.

The promotion seems to be spreading to other countries such as the United Kingdom, along with the collateral damage such as fights and injuries and compulsive buying.

Many shoppers were determined to bag a bargain, regardless of what it was. Louise Haggerty, a hairdresser and waitress shopping at 1am at a Sainsbury’s in north-east London, said: “I got a Dyson but I don’t even know if I want it. I just picked it up.” The 56-year-old said she had wanted a new flatscreen TV, “but so many people pushed in the queue, we didn’t have a chance. People were behaving like animals, it was horrible.”

Beauty in Big Data


The Strange Maps website shares some images of flight paths with which you can amuse yourself as you’re stuck in a holding pattern over Heathrow.

At any given moment, there are about 10,000 commercial planes airborne, carrying an estimated half a million passengers across the skies.

Revealing Passwords

Passwords are the bane of our digital lives. We’re not supposed to write them down, or share them with anyone, or make them obvious from the bare facts of our mundane lives. Ian Urbina at the New York Times has dug into what our supposedly secret keys say about us.

Many of our passwords are suffused with pathos, mischief, sometimes even poetry. Often they have rich back stories. A motivational mantra, a swipe at the boss, a hidden shrine to a lost love, an inside joke with ourselves, a defining emotional scar — these keepsake passwords, as I came to call them, are like tchotchkes of our inner lives. They derive from anything: Scripture, horoscopes, nicknames, lyrics, book passages. Like a tattoo on a private part of the body, they tend to be intimate, compact and expressive.

 What I’m Trying To Ignore Next Week

December – I’m not bloody ready for December.  I still have October and November’s work to complete before I can even bloody contemplate the possibility of December. Bah humbug.

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By hokey, the big fella’s tipped into his 50s. A rangy loose forward in his prime, good with the ball in hand, but rarely up with the play any more.
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