088. How To Eat

A regular spot to share some ideas about what’s good and what’s not on the interwebthingy. But, you know, it’s your life, so feel free to agree, disagree or ignore what follows.

What caught my attention last week

100 Years of Leica


John Naughton writes about how he fell in love with photography, and the small, light, fast camera invented a century ago that allowed photography to become “fluid, informal, intimate: the technology no longer got in the way of telling the story.”  Check out the gallery of some of the Leica moments.

One of the first photographs Barnack took with the camera shows a spike-helmeted German soldier who has just affixed to a public building a copy of the Emperor’s Order for total mobilisation. Germany, along with the rest of Europe, was descending into the first world war.


Gareth Thomas was the first, and still the only, international male rugby player to come out as gay. To coincide with the Bingham Cup in Sydney he’s just released another volume of autobiography called Proud, and gave an interview to ESPN Scrum talking about why he hid the reality for so long.

As great as my life is now, it’s only great because I have great people in it. I have people who support me in my life. That’s why my life is so great.

More Trouble At t’Mill for Newspapers

The latest data from the US shows just how bad the decline in revenues is for newspapers.



Australian newspaper executives speaking at a conference last week spoke of how they will follow their American colleagues in dealing with the revenue challenge by ramping up so-called ‘native advertising’.

Call it advertorial, call it product placement, it has been around for a very long time and this (native advertising) is the name we are giving it in the digital environment

Call it desperate.

Meanwhile, On The Campaign Trail

For all the Political Tragics out there who watched the Key-Cunliffe-Hosking grapplefest on Thursday, here’s a collection of Andrew Sullivan’s melt downs when Obama performed so woefully in the first Presidential debate back in October 2012.

 Does Obama want to be Al Gore?

What I’m Trying To Ignore Next Week

Spring – it can’t be bloody September already, because that would mean Wellington gales, hay fever, getting into the garden, and Christmas carols in the shops sometime soon. Harumph.

About Ned Davy

By hokey, the big fella’s tipped into his 50s. A rangy loose forward in his prime, good with the ball in hand, but rarely up with the play any more.
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5 Responses to 088. How To Eat

  1. Phil Wild says:

    Could spring possibly mean a win for your Wellington Rugby team – they do not appear to lay very well in winter.

  2. Phil Wild says:

    They probably do lay -around in the shed after another hiding – I did mean play, of course.

    • Ned Davy says:

      Cruel Phil, very cruel. True, of course. You’ve noticed that I haven’t been writing about this Wellington team, because they’re not worth writing about. Three games in and already staring relegation in the face. Plenty of injuries, yes, but the lack of a decent first-five is our fault for letting Sopoaga get away. Anybody willing to throw themselves in front of the Canterbury juggernaut?

  3. Phil Wild says:

    I feel they have the bit between their teeth fully this year – ITM – everybody plays rugby for two months – then Canterbury win.
    Don”t let anyone know but just quietly a good thing for rugby that the Bay won yesterday. You were aware who played Counties next. My favourite rugby is watching Canterbury.

  4. Capt. Tinarse says:

    Don’t you play a part in that media collapse? When’s your firewall going up? Why pay for crap from idiots when I can get it from you for free? 😉

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